Beach walk

After college graduation, I began to research MPH programs, but I could not deny my patient care itch. I went on to complete an EMT and paramedic program.  I began to work as a paramedic per diem and pursue health care management. I began my leadership career as a Supervisor of Patient Transport in a busy level 1 trauma center.  After 2 years, I transitioned to the urgent care setting as an Assistant Site Manager. Although I was thriving in my leadership roles my patient care experiences stuck with me- I knew something was missing. In my current role I have met so many awesome nurses in clinical and non-clinical leadership roles. This was so inspiring and reminded me that I could be a kick a** girlboss and pursue patient care. So here I am 2nd semester nursing student working full time to pursue my dreams. I am surely taking the scenic route, but all of my stops along the way have prepared me for this moment.